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Excel is still the #1 skill for thousands of hiring managers

It's hard to believe - Excel has been around for so long that you'd expect that it would have been replaced something new, but that's not the case for most industries.

Excel is a skill often taken for granted - who doesn't have 'Excel' somewhere on their CV or resume? It's the level of Excel proficiency though that can make the difference. If you can illustrate that you're an effective problem solver using Excel it will set you apart from the competition.

You can't blag your Excel skills at interview

One of my close friends, a hiring manager for a bank said this to me:

"I interviewed for an accounting position recently, all of the candidates we brought in for interview had "good excel skills" or "excellent excel skills". We put a computer in front of them and most crumbled, admitting they had seen a Pivot table at university but not used one since, but they included it in their CV."

Excel is even still a profession in its own right. In the London financial services sector, highly skilled Excel developers can earn in excess of £550 per day. (source: Robert Walters Salary Survey)

Here's why you need to be able to use Excel in the real world...

Excel was launched by Microsoft 30 years ago — it’s hardly a cutting-edge application. Yet its relevance in our lives somehow refuses to die. In fact, spreadsheet errors have actually powered major trading losses and even undercut an important economic paper.

Proficiency with productivity software like Excel and Word even boosts your pay in a job that heavily emphasizes people skills — like in retail.

- Huffington Post (Knowing Excel — Yes, Microsoft Excel — Is Crucial To Making More Money)

The study found that 78% of middle-skill jobs that require a high school degree but not necessarily a college education require digital skills like Excel and word processing.

The study also found that middle-skill jobs in which digital capabilities are important pay more than other positions.

- Fortune (Your Excel skills could land you your next job)

Microsoft Excel is the #2 top paying skill in Retail -National Median Salary: $57,993

Monster Jobs 10 Top-Paying Skills in Retail

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My Excel training courses now have well over 12,000 students across online learning platforms and face to face training. Here's what just a few of them had to say about my material:

"Great course! Start with the free 'basics' course, then you'll know it you want to continue. Martyn does a good job of starting simple and building up to more complex ideas using practical examples. "

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"Its a good course to master Excel. There are downloadable sheets with lessons to master and practice. Thanks for the lovely course, I enjoyed it with your clear instructions during the course."

- Abby H

"Excellent course if you already know the basics in Excel and want to improve your skills so that you can fully use the software and make it work for you. Easy to listen to and well explained. Beats trying to learn from a book any day! Great value for money."

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